The Ramp  Peckham Levels  95A Rye Ln  London  SE15 4ST

The Ramp

Peckham Levels

95A Rye Ln


SE15 4ST

David Holbrook is a London based portrait and sports photographer, working nationally and internationally.

After graduation, and eager to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of the Photography industry, David left the calm of the North to pursue his first “real London” photography job and worked with White Rabbit studios to gain a footing which then led on to assisting some of London's most established photographers.

Having worked on a wide variety of shoots including a long stint with Land Rover and multiple shoots with the likes of the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, The Financial Times, Vogue and Elle, to name just a few. David has honed his skills and built his craft. He is comfortable on both high and low profile shoots and at home in the studio or on location.

David who's always been fascinated by faces, movement and character now focuses his attention towards people, sports and action photography. Always looking to either create the most dramatic shot possible or capture a person’s true likeness, David takes care to put each subject at ease and offers a caring and empathetic approach to photography.

When not rolling about on the floor with his camera or battling with the elements to get the shot he can probably be found rolling around on the floor with a kettlebell or hurling himself around a skate park on his much loved rollerblades.