The Ramp  Peckham Levels  95A Rye Ln  London  SE15 4ST

The Ramp

Peckham Levels

95A Rye Ln


SE15 4ST

I’m a London based sports, portrait and action photographer, working nationally and internationally, fascinated by faces, movement and character.

Always looking to either create the most dramatic shot possible or capture a person’s true likeness, taking care to put each subject at ease and offering a caring and empathetic approach to photography.

I started out as an assistant and clambered my way through the ranks. I’ve had exposure to all aspect of the industry and taken time to hone my skills and work on my craft like a tenacious badger to become the photographer I am today.

I’m happy to lock myself in a studio for days, rig the big lights, prop up the little lights, knock up a backdrop in a cupboard, even hang out of a moving vehicle camera in hand or dart across a mountain top when theres pictures involved.

When not rolling about on the floor with my camera or battling with the elements to get the shot you can probably find me rolling around on the floor covered in chalk with a kettlebell or hurling myself around a skate park on my much loved rollerblades.